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Kangaroos' Tales - September 2015

Sunday, 6 September 2015

Gold for Angus Robinson at World MTBO Champs


Victoria's Angus Robinson (Bayside Kangaroos) made history to become Australia's first JWOC MTBO gold medallist by winning the sprint at Turnov in the Czech Republic.


He had a 21 second victory margin and earned himself a World Championship jersey as well as the IOF gold medal. Angus rode really consistently throughout the race and nailed several crucial route choice legs.

Some of this action was captured on live Czech television!


“Awesome result today with son Angus the World Champion junior male in the MTBO Sprint for 2015 in Liberec, Czech Republic. His family and team and friends are so proud of him!! Also the first junior to win a medal for Australia in World MTBO.

The course began in a forest by the river and crossed to the town streets and parks, with some steep sections and some stairs and areas of dense track networks. As off road riding is not allowed in Czech, one fastest route choice was a bike carry across a mown grass section which made for good viewing on the big screen.

Angus was fastest on only one split but rode a very consistent and strong race to achieve this awesome result.

As the medal ceremony and flag raising took place, we wished we had a bigger team here to make more noise but knew that so many friends and family were happy and excited for him at home. I am still on cloud nine!! So pleased to have been here to experience World MTBO 2015 and the good rides from Chris and Angus, and especially the Gold Medal to Angus in the Sprint.

I'll never forget his joy and the wonderful medal ceremony when I was just bursting with pride and excitement both for him and for Australia.”

Anne Robinson

Next BK Event - Australian Middle Distance Championships, Creswick, 27th September

The Big One is almost upon us. There are 854 competitors entered as well as entries on the day. Forty BK members have entered (some others will EOD) and we will be calling upon all to assist with on the day arrangements.

Each club is expected to nominate a team leader and deputy for key functions on the day, including:
1  finish/results
2  registration/information
3  start
4  car parking

If you could step into one of these roles to help the event run smoothly, please reply to this email with your preferred task. Be assured that your run will not be affected.

All the event details are on the OzChamps2015 website.

Dennis Mews, Event Organiser

Rogaining Reflexions

Thumbing through the recent Rogaining Mag. I was struck by the number of BK members involved, so I thought I would do a quick overview. Here is an off the cuff summary:

Committee Members

On the committee we have Tom Lothian (Pres), Kate Gavens (Sec), Vic Sedunary (Treas), Andrew Baker (Comm), Brett Sparkes (Comp Man), Grant Jeffrey (Comp Man) and Rebecca Shaw (Develp Officer).

Current News

Vic Sedunary and Merv Trease are just back from SouthDakota (USA), where they were advising on the course planning for the upcoming World Champs Rogaine.

Andrew Baker is setting this years Aust. Champs Rogaine.

Recent Results

In the recent Saturday 6 Hour Andrew Baker finished first overall, while Rob Mason-Peter Brooks-John Gavens-Alan Cooke-Helen Alexander and Judi Herkes, all were very competitive.

In the Sunday 6 Hour Tim Plozza came first overall, while Merv Trease –Vic Sedunary- Len Budge-Eric Davidson-Tim and Liz Hatley- were again prominent in the results.

Volunteers:  Current state of play

BK  Volunteers for future Rogaines include-Len Budge-Peter Brooks-Christine Raviart-Andrew Hunter-Tom Lothian-Kate Gavens-Tina Smith-Bev Trease- Eric Davidson-Brett Sparkes and Grant Jeffrey.

World Scene

The Australian Rogaining Association President is David Rowlands who has held this position for a number of years.

A Short History of BK and Rogaining

Jim Russell, Mike Walters and Dave Rowlands as members of BK were all World Champions in the early days of the World Championships  competition.

Nigel Aylott was the next BK world Champion winning the title twice!

Current results

At present Andrew Baker has been winning State and National titles over a period of time with various partners.

Merv Trease and Vic Sedunary have been consistent winners of the MV class while Helen Alexander and Judi Herkes have been outstanding performers in the womens Senior Classes

This is not meant to be a thorough record of BK members input, but it certainly gives a clear picture of how members of BK contribute heavily to the continued growth of this aspect of bush navigation

Tour de Paris!

Brian Ackerly recently competed in the Paris Marathon, having received a guest invitation to take part.

Bryan noted the great atmosphere that the event had, as well as the huge number of spectators lining the route.

Ski “O”

Paul Bell on Sat July 26th organised a ski “O”, at Lake Mountain. The keen participants were all enthused about holding another event, when conditions permit.

Thanks to Paul for his efficient coordinating of what is a very “temperamental” event weatherwise.

John Sheahan

Members' News

2015 XPD

What is XPD?  XPD is Australia’s own expedition length adventure race. Teams of four competitors from around the globe trek, mountain bike, and kayak for five to ten days in this world renowned expedition.

These adventurers race day and night over a 700km course pushing themselves to the ultimate limits of human endurance. All team members complete all sections of the course and they must never be separated by more than 100m.

The course usually contains some other adventure relevant to the area for that year – e.g. absailing, snorkelling, ropes course, swimming, etc.

XPD is scheduled 18 monthly in a new, adventurous and remote Australian destination. Each course is inspired by the local terrain and kept secret until 24 hours before the start. Teams then receive their maps and race books containing each of the expedition checkpoints they must navigate to on their journey.

In the spirit of a true expedition teams are ‘unsupported’, forgoing the comfort and assistance of a support crew.

They must meticulously plan all their equipment and sustenance before the race. They pre-pack these into a limited quantity of plastic trunks which are moved to various points on the course by the race organisers.

Teams wear satellite tracking devices so the organisers can always see where they are.
In August 2015 some of the BK members competing in this were Thor Edgerton, Jarad Kohlar, Josh Street, Kath Copland and Kevin Humphrey.
For those who remember Jane Harries – one of our international members.

While in England Andrew Baker and Kelly Lane caught up with Jane Harries, who now lives back there, at the end of her first 10km run since 2009.
Sydney Oxfam last weekend in August – among others competing is Kate Sanderson in a team with 3 other friends. We wish her well.

She will be competing in this the same weekend that some of our members will be trying for glory at the Victorian Rogaining Championships.
The following weekend two of our members, Vic Sedunary and Merv Trease will be out to defend their title from last year at the ACT Rogaining Championships. This means they are saving their energies and so giving others a chance at the Vic Champs!

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