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Kangaroos' Tales - June 2015

Tuesday, 16 June 2015

MelBushO 5 - Eaglemont Flats

Pat and I decided on a lie-in and a late arrival at MelBushO 5 at Eaglemont Flats. I do like these Enter On Day events – turn up, pay with cash (remember cash?), change and go. What could be easier? Lots of newcomers obviously agreed. Of the bumper 185 turnout, 76 appeared to be newcomers or occasional orienteers. Hopefully, some of them may be persuaded to join a club in due course.
I registered for the Big Boys course (A) and Pat, after her success (survival) at Westerfolds, decided on the B course again. I try not to examine the course before setting off, and as I trotted to my first control, wished I had. The overprint was rather faint and I needed to keep my thumb on the map to stay in touch. Hesitations early on, I wondered how Pat was getting on. Concentrate!

All went to plan for the first half of the course and it was not until I entered the green section between controls 16 and 20 that I started to lose time. Only a minute here and there, but frustrating nonetheless. Into the last few controls I ran past 23 (and off the map) and sheepishly retraced my steps to finish the course in a very respectable 52 minutes for 6.5km. This put me 32nd of the 57 Big Boys, a very satisfying result. No-one of a similar vintage finished above me, the best result I could have hoped for.
Before long, Pat arrived at the finish, delighted that she had survived another technical course with only a few wobbles. Next stop Woodlands Park, BK’s second MelBushO event in a few week’s time.


What other events do our members compete in ?

One of them is GeoQuest.
Mountain Designs GeoQuest 48hr is Australia's premier adventure race. It involves 48hrs of non-stop endurance racing in the disciplines of trekking, mountain biking, kayaking, roping and mystery disciplines.

Mixed, Male or Female teams of four travel to this event from all parts of Australia and overseas to test their ultimate physical and mental limits. Together the team of four must navigate their way through an arduous 200+km course that is only revealed to them the evening before the race. The Mountain Designs GeoQuest is held annually on the Queen’s Birthday long weekend in June. The race is moved each year to a different location with exciting new challenges for the teams.

The Geo-Half adventure race is run at the same time as the Mountain Designs GeoQuest. It covers only half the distance but teams have the full 48hrs to complete it. The legs will be challenging, but with the additional time available to complete the half course, teams have a greater chance to reach the finish line. It is NOT a 24hr race; you have the full 48 hours to complete the course. Boats, paddles and PFDs are provided.

We would like to congratulate our newest club members, Jarad Kohlar and Josh Street on being part of the winning team in the 48 hour race in 27 hours, 40 minutes – well done !!! Another of our members, Andrew Baker, also competed in this event doing the Geo-Half with a group of friends. There were other competitors whose names would be familiar to our rogainers, and/or mountain bike people.

Many thanks to Gwennyth Baker for this item

Next BK Event - Sunday, 5th July Woodlands Historic Park, Greenvale

Enter from Somerton Road. Melway 178 B6. No pre-entry required - enter and pay on the day.

Start any time between 10am and 12 noon. Choose any one of four courses. Ideal for newcomers.

Entry fee includes map and course, equipment loan, coaching and refreshments. $10 adults, $5 juniors (under 21).
RadiO orienteering course also available - visit www.ardf.org.au for details.

Members News

Welcome to new members this month:

Jarad Kohlar
Josh Street
Linh Vo
Len Ashburner

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