Kangaroos' Tales, the Bayside Kangaroos newsletter, was published as a hard copy up until June 2014.

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After that date 'soft' copies of the newsletter were emailed to members.

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Kangaroos' Tales - May 2015

Thursday, 14 May 2015

Chalky Thomas R.I.P. 1960-2015

Chalky and his family joined BK three years ago.

His involvement with BK was just taking off when he was diagnosed with Motor Neurone Disease.

He was well known in multi sport circles and Grant Jeffrey spoke eloquently of Chalky’s activities at the funeral service. His resourcefulness was to the fore as he battled with the disease but sadly he passed away on March 22nd.

A full obituary was in the May issue of the Rogaining magazine and is reproduced here.

Committee Meetings

On Friday 24th April, fourteen BK members attended at Janet and Matthew King’s house for a BK Club meeting.

What do we do at club meetings?
Well, apart from the normal items for any club, such as Reports of various club activities, including financial membership and Club organised events, we discuss/debate:

  • Lessons learned from the Relays
  • Club policy for travel assistance for club members selected in Overseas and Interstate teams
  • Formation of a sub committee to consider our Sprint Map involvement
  • Plans for our coming Emerald event
  • Plans for club coaching at Woodands

Our meetings always finish punctually, and are followed by  considerable consumption of tea, cakes and nibbles.

Club members are always welcome to attend any club meeting.


 Winners are Grinners

Bayside members had a lot of success at the Victorian Long Championships held at Bendigo on the One Tree Hill map on Sunday 26th April.

While not strongly represented in the elite classes, except for an excellent 2nd in M20 to Nicholas Collins, there were winners in eight of the age classes and a few minor placings as well.

While it was still raining in Melbourne, Bendigo was fine after overnight rain and the free draining soil in the spur-gully terrain made for good running conditions.

Comments on the course were mixed with some running further than usual, others less.

Navigation was generally thought to be not too hard. Many orienteers also enjoyed the challenging Sprint event held on the adjacent LaTrobe University campus, Bendigo, the day before.

Ann Robinson

Woodend MTBO

We had good numbers attending and the start area was ideal.

The riding was hard with hilly terrain and blue metal on some roads that made the riding energy sapping. Nevertheless it was a beautiful day with challenging courses.

Thanks to the Gavens for organising the event, and to the club members who took on the various tasks that made the event work so well.

John Sheahan


 Members News

Welcome to new members this month Jodi Chalmers and Mark and Sean Donnelly from the western suburbs.

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