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Kangaroos' Tales - April 2015

Wednesday, 15 April 2015

NSW MTBO Championships and Australian Selection Trials

A small contingent of Victorians travelled to Newcastle by various means for the 3-event Championships and trials on the weekend of 21-22 March.
Victoria was represented by Carolyn and Tim Jackson, Bill Vandendool, Kathy Liley, Heather Leslie and John Gavans, Angus Robinson, Nic Cherry and Leigh Privett.
After a record hot day of 37 degrees on the Friday, the weekend was cooler with overcast skies and intermittent drizzle and one downpour toward the end of Sunday's sprint event.
Muddy tracks and deep puddles and ruts made for some filthy bikes and competitors, particularly after Saturday’s long event.
The Champs were well organised with good maps which made for enjoyable riding for the most part. The long and sprint were near Holmesville and the Middle near Pelaw Main.

BK members, Carolyn Jackson (W21), Angus Robinson (M20) and Heather Leslie (W50) were outstanding in winning all their three races and the M20 Victorian boys had a decisive victory in National Orienteering League (NOL) round 1 points with Angus scoring three 1sts, Tim two 2nds and a 3rd and Nic a 3rd placing.

Angus Robinson nominated and has been selected in the Australian team for the World Junior MTBO to be held in Liberec, Czech Republic, in mid August.

Club Relays

One of the big ones for the year was the Club Relays, with the courses and organisation all proceeding without a hitch.

Many compliments were made about the course setting and organisation. We had 170 + entries which was very reassuring.
Many thanks to Greg Tamblyn and Matt King for all the work they did to make this event a success.

Easter Carnival – SA

Over 20 BK members made the trip to Burra/Jamestown region in SA for the Easter Orienteering carnival. We experienced the full range of weather conditions, but with the help of the club tent we were protected from (a) the sun and (b) the rain, but not the dust!

Congratulations to the following BK competitors:
Peter Collins 1st in M17-20A
Philippa Lohmeyer-2nd in W 45-54 A short
Anne Robinson 4th in W 45-54 AS (Missed a place by 1 min!)
Helen Alexander 1st in W 75 A.
Tim Hatley 4th in M50A
Liz Hatley 5th in W55-64 AS
Mariann Fossum 4th in W Open B 

Coming Events

Over the coming couple of months we as a club bear a heavy load of events.

Apart from being responsible for all the Western night events we have events in the Eastern Series, Sat ‘O’, Melbourne Bush ‘O’, Mountain bike events as well as Bush orienteering events.

To cover these as a club we need to rely on the goodwill of members prepared to help us with the presentation of these events.

BK events over the next couple of months include
Tuesday Nights:  Western: all events for the season
Wed night ‘O’: April 15th – Bulleen ups’n’downs.
May 13th_ Belmore Parklands
Sat Afternoon Cake O: May 2nd - at Newport, The Strand.
MelBushO Event:  May 31st - Emerald Lake Park. (If you are interested in setting this event there is a mentor available to provide support).

Club Coaching

We are looking at having a couple of coaching days - one for beginners and one for those with some experience. When arrangements are finalised we will circulate the news on a BK Bytes. 

Theatre Night

The club is organising, through Annie Hollaway, a theatre night, to see Nova Music Theatre’s production of Evita.

The cost is $33 (group booking rates)
The Time 8.00 pm.
The Venue - Whitehorse Theatre
The Date - Saturday May 23rd

A booking has also been made at the Mitcham Hotel at 6.00 pm for those who would like dinner before the show.

Bookings- Please see Annie at Monday or Wednesday Street O  or email 


This is the final call for an order of Fleece Lined Shower Proof winter jackets.

We have new stock of Cotton T shirts, white caps and Polo Tops.

Contact Jenny or John if you wish to place an order  9397 3493.

Members News

Welcome to new members this month:
Rachel Mallia
Lauren Wamback

And also a belated welcome to Yujiro, second child to Jun & Miki Okabe.


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