Enquiries relating to the following areas should be directed to the person nominated.

 All Bush Orienteering enquiries

Greg Tamblyn

 9803 9802

 All Street Orienteering enquiries

 Andrew Hunter

 0401 708 189

 All Mountain-Bike Orienteering (MTBO) enquiries

 John Gavens

 0418 875 200

 New members:

  Join Bayside Kangaroos

 Gwennyth Baker

 9898 4316

 Club Secretary

 Matthew King

  9885 4280

 Club Treasurer

Bernie Holloway

 0418 998 180


 Kangaroo Tales and BK Bytes Editor

Dennis Mews

 9812 0929

 Anything Else

John Sheahan

 9397 3493

 (Email addresses have been omitted because it is not possible to display these as aliases using the current editor.)