What stands out about our club?

The outstanding feature of Bayside Kangaroos is that we pride ourselves on the welcome we give new members and how we are quick to involve them in our activities -in short we care about our members.

We are very inclusive!! 

Bayside Kangaroos' membership is broadly based. Members can be found throughout the Melbourne Metropolitan area, giving you a great opportunity to meet others with similar interests at any event you attend.

If you are looking for a club that is active in all aspects of orienteering with a wide ranging social calendar then we are the club for you!

What exactly do we do?  

In Orienteering

Park-Street-O: Park-Street-O events are held throughout the year and you will notice as you attend events that we have a significant membership in all series. This means that wherever you wish to compete you will find fellow members willing to discuss their experiences and courses.

If you look further ahead you will find that we provide opportunities to set courses and to learn how to make maps should you wish to follow this area of interest.

We think that one of our major strengths is the willingness of our members to interact with and welcome newcomers.

Andrew Hunter, our Park-Street-O co-ordinator, leads a team of members who will be pleased to facilitate your involvement into this new activity. (Look on "Who Do I Contact?" page for contact details).

Bush-O: Our club also has a long tradition of Bush Orienteering. Over the past two years our club has conducted the Australian and State Championships and this year we are organising the Australian Championships Relays. We have an active coaching program to introduce new Orienteers to the skills of bush navigation, should you wish to try this aspect of the sport

Mountain-Bike-O (MTBO): This ‘O’ sport is accessible to anyone who can ride a bike on a dirt road. BK is the major MTBO club with members over the full range of classes.  Carolyn and Peter Cusworth lead the team that will facilitate your entry into this great new ‘O’sport.

Ski-O: All ski orienteering events conducted in Australia are organised by our members.

Rogaining:  This is an activity involving bush navigation in teams over 6 to24 hours. A significant number of our members can be found at any Rogaining event. Our members are so involved with Rogaining that we as a club conduct complete Rogaines with 100% club members as organisers-our members presented the recent Paterson’s Pursuit Rogaine.

The Wider World  
Over the course of a year we will have groups of members taking part in numerous fun runs such as the Puffing Billy Run, The Melbourne Marathon, The Malvern Mini Marathon, The Four Peaks Alpine Climb and The Murray River Marathon.  We also have teams entered in the Oxfam 100 K  - and other events such as triathlons and adventure races.
Club Newsletter    
The club newsletter, Kangaroos Tale, helps keep members in touch with club activities, and is published every 2 months. 
Geographical Area 
Our club name is historic reflecting our age as the oldest O club in Australia. These days our membership ranges over the whole metropolitan area, with most members within 45 mins of the CBD.

Social Events     
While our Orienteering program provides an ideal vehicle for members to become involved, we also have a very active Social Program. During the year we have numerous functions including; restaurant nights followed by a film, live theatre nights, coaching days, beach days, bike rides, barbecues, Orienteering/Rogaining Skills nights, trivia nights, and a Christmas mid-winter dinner . 

We often organise a visit to a local restaurant or cafe at the end of an event. We also have an end of year wind up dinner and presentations.  
In short we are a very active club!

Club Gear    
The distinctive B.K. Kangaroo can be seen on T-Shirts, polo shirts, bush-O suits, and windcheaters. These are available at discounted prices to members.