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Rogaine Events
09-Nov-08: Paterson's Pursuit Rogaine
Start Date  16/05/2010 12:00:00 AM
End Date 16/05/2010 12:00:00 AM
Event Name Hageby (Loop course)
Location Lake Wombat

Start Time     Mass start at 10.30am

Map                Musk Vale (a new map just south of Daylesford)

Format           Four courses A,B,C,D (11,9,7,5 km)
Each course will have 4 map loops to complete. Only one map change after loop 2.
Plus RadiO courses RB and RD will have FoxOr, ARDF, 5in5 and Bush-O loops.
Your course will still count if you need to bow out prior to the final loop, but you will be scored below anyone completing all 4.

Setters           Jun Okabe, Bruce Paterson (RadiO)

Directions     From Daylesford take Ballan Road and travel to Lake Jubilee. Parking and toilets will be at the lake.
Assembly, start, finish and map change will be 500metres south in the forest.

Entries           VOA Member Adult $12/Junior $7 Non member $17/$12