World Orienteering Day was a great success

Saturday, 14 May 2016

Melbourne-based Victorian orienteers contributed to the aim to get as many orienteers participating on World Orienteering Day as possible by walking and running around Bulleen last Wednesday.

A good turnout saw 59 runners and 38 walkers battle the persistent drizzle and an interesting map set by Annie and Bernie Holloway. Thanks to all BK members who supported the event.

There were easily accessible controls to the west and easily accessible controls to the (north) east and it made sense to try to do a big loop, but when, oh when, to get those pesky 3 controls that were placed right up the middle spine? Add to that an isolated housing estate in the north west corner that can only be accessed by road from the north or the east at two specific points or from the south by way of a pedestrian path, together with at least two north-south running roads that have virtually no east-west cut-throughs, or at least not in the places where you'd really like them, and you almost have a map with two halves (I am mentally picturing Charles Dickens' Tale of Two Cities as I write).

The issue of soggy, and in some cases disintegrating, score cards meant that poor Mark Besley has not been able to post the results of the event as quickly as he normally does, but I've had a look on the OV site tonight and the results have now been posted.

We do it all again in Rowville on Monday night; Essendon on Tuesday night and on the fabulous Burnley Maze map in Richmond on Wednesday. Plus there's bush orienteering on Sunday starting from the Eaglemont Tennis Club in East Ivanhoe.

Casual entry is $5 for adults and $2 for children and if you turn up 20 or so minutes beforehand there are always people who can assist and show you what to do.

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